Brought to you by popular demand, we’re excited to announce our new Review Tracker feature. The Review Tracker feature will allow businesses add an additional layer of UGC-driven results on their site, increasing both the number of marketing touchpoints and the number of conversions. What Does the Review Tracker Do?… Read More

7 Essential Tools For Your Brand Ambassador Program

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Advertising was once a huge part of society. Culturally, adverts took centre stage in commercial breaks and on billboards. They featured famous characters and presented a polished image of a product. Over the years, marketing campaigns have changed with the times,… Read More

Dream Office Tour: TINT’s Fun, “Rus-Tech” Workspace

Interview and photo credit goes to Dot & Bo. A company that values fun, authenticity, and aesthetics above all else, it comes as no surprise… Read More

14 Powerful Hashtag Tools You Should Be Using in 2016

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The History and Evolution of Marketing Influencers

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What Are The Biggest Misconceptions About Content Marketing?

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In the spirit of the upcoming presidential debate, we decided to host our first ever Social Media Debate on Instagram Stories VS. Snapchat. Which platform allows brands to be more creative? Who wins with targeting options for advertising? Which platform will… Read More


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