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Automated Content Curation

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Managing thousands of posts that customers share about your brand throughout social media is difficult and time-consuming. HUE uses deep learning to quickly surface the most compelling posts, ensuring you never miss out on engaging content for your marketing channels.

Meaningful Deep Learning

HUE analyzes every post in your TINT, extracting what’s important, and uncovers deeper insights into your audience’s content.

Content Preferences

HUE learns from your moderation actions to figure out what you like and dislike. Your actions, combined with other machine learnings, allow HUE to build a unique profile based on your content preferences.

Content Performance

HUE uses audience driven insights such as engagement, and click-through rates to prioritize content by what your viewers like.

HUE to the rescue!

HUE saves you time and effort by eliminating guesswork and automating your curation process. With the combination of a robust deep learning algorithm, content preferences, and audience insights, HUE builds a library of highly engaging content ready to be published into any marketing channel, and is proven to increase performance.

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