Optimizing your content for maximum attention just got easier

Discover deep insights on the particular elements in your visual content that grab attention and inspire action.

Is your content grabbing attention?

Attention Score gives you a look behind the eyes of your audience to visualize how content will be perceived before you publish.

Create higher converting ads

High converting ads

Maximize engagement

Attention engagement

Drive more purchases

Attention purchases

Never guess again

Wondering which image or CTA is better? Cognitive and Clarity scores help you to gain a deep understanding of how your visual content is processed and perceived by the viewer.

TINT Attention Score

Score before you post

TINT's unique Eye Tracker technology creates a dynamic heatmap, showing you the areas of your content that are visually appealing before you publish.

TINT eye tracker heat map

The right content, everytime


Select existing or upload new visual content to UGC Studio.


Analyze Cognition, Saliency and Eye Tracker heat map results to identify key attention spots.


Make edits, add text, stickers, and CTA's to content directly in UGC Studio to maximize the Attention Score.


Publish content optimized for Attention Score across any and all channels.