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4 Social Media Strategies Independent Artists can Supercharge their Careers With

Many independent artists who go the DIY route have big time misconceptions about what it takes to build a sustainable music career with financial freedom.

It’s next to impossible to land big label deals and so that option just doesn’t make sense. However a major label has the tools, knowledge, and money to market and promote your music…in the most inefficient way possible.

They just throw your music at the masses and hope that it sticks. This is NOT a smart strategy, but leave it up to the tech industry to be the smart ones.

In an interview with Tim, Tint’s CEO, and Kyle Williams from Seeds of Music, we talk about  how Tint can really supercharge 4 critical and efficient things that every full-time musician can do on some level to build a bigger fan base and sell more music through social media strategies.

  1. Getting better engagement with fans. Without engagement your fans will completely forget about you and you will never have a chance to get their support.
  2. Building stronger trust with fans. The more real you are, the more fans like you, the more music they will buy. Piracy is irrelevant.
  3. Reaching more potential fans. Tint utilizes social media to amplify the “share” effect that is inherent is social platforms
  4. Helps get more fans to go to and stay on your website. EVERY successful DIY musician has a website that is geared towards grabbing all the fans and keeping them on the site so they can sign up to the email list or interact with music, bio, pictures, or other media on the website.

Tint essentially brings all your social media onto a page on your website. Now you can focus ALL your fans in one place to better communicate to make fans love you, bring in more fans, and help you build that list and sell more music!

Check out our interview for more details on how Tint works and how you can start plugging it into your music career workflow, just like the Lumineers:




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