Author: Lizzie Davey

GetApps Ranks The Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools of 2016

Social Marketing 6 min read
Social media marketing apps are all the rage at the moment. The ability to access your accounts and communicate with friends, family, and followers all in one place is so valuable in this fast-paced world. And, having the chance to converse and communicate... Read More

TINT Goes To The White House

TINT Updates 5 min read
On October 3rd 2016, TINT teamed up with the White House to bring User Generated Content (UGC) to President Obama’s South by South Lawn event, a hugely inspiring festival of art, ideas, and action that brought together change makers, activists, and... Read More

Why Marketing Campaigns Must Move From Fiction To Non-Fiction

Content Marketing 7 min read
Advertising was once a huge part of society. Culturally, adverts took centre stage in commercial breaks and on billboards. They featured famous characters and presented a polished image of a product. Over the years, marketing campaigns have changed with the... Read More

A Beginners Guide To Authentic Marketing in 2016

Content Marketing 7 min read
Authenticity is one of the latest buzzwords that’s circulating in the online marketing world. But, while other such catchphrases might just be a flash in the pan, authentic is something that should be deep rooted in any marketing strategy and business if... Read More