Author: Quinn Cox

How TINT was Made – Podcast Transcript

Culture 33 min read
The following is the transcript from the recording of How TINT was Made. Tim Sae Koo: I close the phone, and I said to my co-founders, “Guys, that was the last no, what can we do?” And the only idea that we could come up with together was to add a... Read More

5 Reasons UGC can Supercharge Retail Marketing

Content Marketing 3 min read
Retailers know discounts and flashy marketing materials alone don’t lure foot traffic. Consumers demand a complete brand experience flowing between the real world and the virtual world. Retail marketing is changing.  How can brands deliver authentic brand... Read More

Reuse Social Content from Customers with 3 Lessons

Content Marketing 4 min read
Every day on Facebook, 2.5 billion pieces of content are created.  Is all that peer/customer content being used? Are brands finding ways to reuse social content and user generated content?  The sad thing is, they are usually not.  — Why is it so hard... Read More

Social Media & Hotels | Part 1: Creating a Social Media Highway

Social Media Marketing 4 min read
  I wrote a hospitality trends article back in 2014 about the increasing applications of social media in the hospitality industry.  It’s already out of date.  And it seems with the speed that consumer habits are changing, by the time you’re done... Read More