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How we rewrote our company culture as a team

Here's how we rewrote our company culture and included every team member. Read More

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy from Scratch| Social Studies Podcast

Social Studies is a talk show produced by TINT about marketing, social media, and technology through the lens of the industry's most innovative minds. Hosted… Read More

A Marketer’s Guide to Tumblr

The content on Tumblr creates an incredibly immersive platform that brands can tap into. 70% of users visit Tumblr more than once a day and… Read More

Startup Compensation: Is Your Salary Fair?

What factors determine if your startup compensates you fairly? How can you make sure you're being paid fairly without rocking the boat? Read More

Social Media for Self-Improvement

TINT’s experimental, monthly self-improvement program is still going strong.  We’re continuing to tweak the program as we go, to encourage greater participation and increase everyone’s… Read More

The Real Reason Comedians Make Us Laugh

The goal of a comedian is to connect with the audience and make them laugh, but that is easier said than done. Learn how comedians… Read More

Hashtag Activism: The Revolution Will be Tweeted

2014 was a big year for social media and activism: from pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, to raising $100 million for ALS research, to providing… Read More

Move Fast and (actually) Break Things: How to build teams that aren’t afraid to fail

How to practice the common 'Move fast and break things' with strong focus and discipline. Read More

Going Global Overnight: How to take your startup international

If your business has clear traction in a specific market then my recommendation would be to head there, however when your stat sheet looks like… Read More

1 Billion Impressions: The Digital Climate March

This past Sunday, 400,000 people took part in the People’s Climate March in New York City to demand action on climate change. The march made… Read More

How Social Media is Changing Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has been an exclusive event, for the shakers of Fashion with a capital “F.” But with the ascent of social media,… Read More

How @Tint Hit 90k per Month in 9 Months with a 4 Man Team

4 detailed learnings for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups on how our company hit $90k/month in 9 months with a 4 man team. Read More