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Google Launches Shoelace

Social Media Marketing 3 min read
Today, Google launched Shoelace, a free social platform designed to share local “handpicked things to do with others who share your interests”. This is not Google’s first attempt at location-based social platforms, or social media altogether. Let’s... Read More

5 Ways Leading Brands Are Leveraging UGC and DOOH

Social Media Marketing 8 min read
Users engage with only 5 percent of branded content versus 15 percent of sourced content. What’s more, 51 percent of Millennials say they trust user-generated content (UGC) over branded content. The numbers are clear. People trust, believe, and respond... Read More

Why Smart Marketers Use Social Walls

Social Media Marketing 3 min read
With 97% of marketers using social media, the search for new ways to leverage user generated content is more important than ever. Brands are beginning to take an Always On Marketing approach and having a reliable way to aggregate user generated content is... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Social Walls

Digital Marketing 8 min read
If you are a social media manager, you may be looking for a social wall solution. As a way to boost social interaction at an event, the social wall is unmatched as a method to engage and connect with event-goers. Using curated, rotating displays that often... Read More

Best Marketing Campaigns of 2018

Digital Marketing 3 min read
One of our favorite articles to write is about our top ranked social media marketing campaigns. We’ve already ranked the best social media marketing campaigns in 2016 and 2017. For 2018, we’re doing it a little differently and ranked our favorite... Read More

How IHOb Maximized Their Social Media Strategy

Digital Marketing 2 min read
In case you haven’t already heard, IHOP is now serving burgers. Wait…what? That pancake/breakfast place is serving burgers now? This is exactly the reason the International House of Pancakes team decided change their name from IHOP to IHOb... Read More

7 Surefire Ways to Boost Brand Authenticity on Instagram

Social Marketing 9 min read
Authenticity has a high price these days. Look: As the marketplace is getting more crowded, modern customers are spoiled with the amount of branded information they receive daily from all sides, so they don’t trust companies who keep a focus on their... Read More

GetApps Ranks The Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools of 2016

Social Marketing 6 min read
Social media marketing apps are all the rage at the moment. The ability to access your accounts and communicate with friends, family, and followers all in one place is so valuable in this fast-paced world. And, having the chance to converse and communicate... Read More

How To Keep The Momentum Going From Your Hashtag Campaign

Social Media Marketing 5 min read
The moment is here. You’ve worked exhaustingly hard, creating a branded hashtag for your business, launching it into visibility, and generating enough conversation that you’re gaining real results. And then the campaign is over—so now what? Now, you... Read More