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How to Unleash Your Social Media Strategy in 2016 | Webinar

Watch this webinar to get strategies to carry out your social media campaigns from the top down. We cover creating your campaign, logistics of setting your… Read More

TINT’s Book Release: How Hashtags Changed the World

Hashtags are just a symbol, a pound sign, #. But it has revolutionized the way we communicate, from speech patterns to political movements; from advertisements… Read More

The History of Meerkat with Founder and CEO Ben Rubin | Social Studies Podcast

Social Studies Podcast is a talk show produced by TINT about marketing, social media, and technology through the lens of the industry’s most innovative minds. Hosted… Read More

Bridging the Gap between Content Marketing and Social Media | Webinar

This webinar was brought to you by TINT in tandem with PR Council, as part of the PR Genome Series. Original Air Date 8/12/15 Session… Read More

Storytelling on Instagram: Tips for Brands from travel expert Christian LeBlanc

I sat down to talk with LeBlanc to see how he grew his Instagram account from 700 followers to 30,000 followers in just 7 months.… Read More


7 Examples of Successful Hashtag Campaigns

There are many horror stories of brands who have had the hashtags that they've created used against them to smear their brand. Successful hashtag campaigns… Read More

Striking Gold In Facebook User Acquisition with Greg Isenberg| Podcast

The Social Studies Podcast is a talk show produced by TINT about marketing, social media, and technology through the lens of the industry’s most innovative… Read More

Social Media Rights: A Guide to User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) in marketing strategies is on the rise. Brands have realized how valuable it is to use genuine images shared on social… Read More

The Future Of Marketing is Community with Samantha Stein | Social Studies Podcast

The Future Of Marketing is Community | Nathan Zaru and Samantha Stein talk community management on this episode of the Social Studies Podcast Read More

When Trolls Apologize

Over and over, those of us who work on the internet are told, “Don’t feed the trolls. Don’t talk back. It’s what they want.” But… Read More

Social Media and Customer Experience | Social Studies Podcast

Today, I've brought Austin Gunter in, a good marketing friend of mine in San Francisco, to talk about how social media is a trailing indicator… Read More

Wear Yellow for Seth: How a small non-profit went viral

This is the story of a how one boy, his parents, and a tiny non profit with no full-time employees can capture global attention. #WearYellowforSeth Read More