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How to Recruit Engineers in San Francisco

A brief primer on how our startup found full stack developers to expand our technical team in SF. Learn how we found our engineers. Read More

Why Exercise in the Morning Has Improved My Startup Work Performance

A real, personal story of why exercise in the morning has improved my overall mentality, health, and focus at my startup. Read More

My Top 3 Memories Working with Tint

This is a blog post by Zen: After 7 months of working with Tint, I have decided to follow my heart and pursue other opportunities… Read More

The Tint Startup Culture: 5 Company Values We Live By

5 company values our team at Tint lives by to foster and grow our startup culture. Read More

How to Find a Technical Cofounder

A practical breakdown on how to find a technical cofounder for your new startup. Read More

Empathy, The Most Underrated Business Skill

Our team at Tint believe that empathy in business is one of the most underrated skills to grow as a company. Read our experiences here. Read More

14 Sales Tools Tint Used to Reach $1M+ Revenue in 1 Year

14 sales tools our company @Tint has used to help us achieve $1M+ in revenue in 1 year of launch. Read here to see which… Read More

2013 Year in Review – A look back on the year that changed everything

2013 Year in Review for Tint - A look back on the year that changed everything Read More

Startups Need Role Models Too

Being unique is overrated. This article describes how we pick and choose parts of other organizations to fit our needs and wants as a company. Read More

Building Responsive Widgets for Mobile

A getting started guide for building mobile responsive website components, aka widgets. Tips and tricks. Read More

9 Effective Strategies To Get More Customers

9 effective strategies that helped us get 750 paying customers and 10,000 users in 12 weeks. Read More

How to Create A KPI Dashboard

A step by step guide and helpful resources on coming up with KPI's and how to create a KPI Dashboard. Read More