Category: Technology

How Tech Has Changed Our Workflow

Marketing 5 min read
“I’ll Slack it to you.” “Make sure you start a Hangout for the meeting.” “Have you checked Trello?” Tech has changed the marketer's workflow, here's some surprising... Read More

Why use Message Queues?

Technology 5 min read
Message queues allow different parts of a system to communicate and process operations asynchronously. I thought it would be helpful to have a resource explaining them in more detail and how we use them at... Read More

5 Free Project Management Apps to make you more Productive

Technology 3 min read
You know that New Year’s resolution you made to be more organized? Well, its time to get started. Now that the holidays are behind us and we are starting out the New Year, we can bring our focus back to working, whether we’re laboring in the office, at... Read More

Hashtag Activism: The Revolution Will be Tweeted

Culture 5 min read
2014 was a big year for social media and activism: from pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, to raising $100 million for ALS research, to providing a stomping ground for nascent conversations about race and police brutality, the range of social... Read More

Are new stadium WiFi networks changing sports marketing?

Marketing 4 min read
The way spectators view live sporting events is changing along with mobile technology. Sports fans can often be found occupied by their smartphones during the game, or shooting selfies in the stadium to share with friends over social networks. Sports... Read More

U.S. Cities with the Best Wifi

Technology 2 min read
What do Raleigh, Denver, Houston, Seattle and Minneapolis have in common? Not weather. Not cultural attitudes. Surprisingly, they share a love of free Wi-Fi - they’re the best cities in America for free WiFi hotspots. In the past years, as connectivity has... Read More