You see them all around us, and you find some fantastic examples both on social media and in real life. You see them engage and convert audiences and customers at unprecedented rates. You see them be used to source the best photos and tweets from fans and community. You buy into them and want to start one, but you don’t know how to craft the best hashtag for your Instagram and/or Twitter campaign!

We’re here to help. Here are the 6 steps to follow on crafting the perfect #hashtag for your Instagram and Twitter campaigns!

1. Add Emotional Appeal

Make your audience feel something! Find what emotion that you want your audience to feel. What does your brand stand for? If you don’t know, stick with generic hashtags. But if you DO have a brand with a strong emotional appeal, use it!

Pro-tip: See what your influencers are hashtagging and see if you can see any patterns in their emotions.

2. Play On Words

This is where the fun begins. Let your creative powers loose and start brainstorming phrases, words, initialisms to capture the attention of your audience.

Change up the setting, grab an adult beverage, and get your creative juices flowing!

3. Make it Actionable

Make sure that your community knows exactly how to use your hashtag. For example, after the royal wedding, BBC asked their audience to send messages of congratulation to Prince William using #rw2011. Having a clear call to action makes it easy for people to participate, so it’s not just you who uses your new hashtag.

Pro-tip: Make your tag fit into a sentence. For example, Expedia’s #iWannaGo or Sheryl Sandberg’s #LeanInTogether.

4. Find any Hidden Words

Beware of the hidden words that appear when spaces are removed from hashtagged phrases. Cautionary tales abound from poorly designed hashtag campaigns. Popular singer Susan Boyle’s now infamous “Susan Album Party” hashtag, #susanalbumparty got more attention for the unintended, lewd interpretations of the tag than the album itself. #fail

5. Check to See Who’s Already Using It

You might think you’ve come up with something clever, but you might not be the first. Check your tag’s existing usage and frequency using a tool like If what you find is too off brand, you need to start over. #sadface

But even if a hashtag isn’t original, you can still get value out of it. If it’s topical in the news or based on an event, it could be an opportunity to join the conversation.

6. Display the Content from your Hashtag

Once you’ve come up with your hashtag, now it’s time to display it! To encourage your audience to start posting, use a platform like TINT to display hashtagged content from your audiences onto your marketing channels: websites, displays, emails, social ads, print, and more! Audiences love being featured by the brands they follow, and are more likely to post if they see a chance to be featured!


View the full infographic below and download here!

How to Craft the Perfect #Hashtag


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