In July 2018, TINT and Widen launched our exciting product integration that allowed marketers to not only access and source user-generated content (UGC), but also clear rights and organize it into a DAM for easy repurposing on any marketing channel (web, signage, email newsletters, social + digital ads, print, and more). The focus was and still is all about enabling brand marketers to deliver more authenticity throughout their customer journey and brand story. All we did was make sure we catered to marketers’ workflow of accessing, sourcing, curating, clearing rights, and organizing authentic UGC to maximize its value and reach.

Below is our joint webinar with Terry from GSU as our guest sharing why this integration has been and will be continually valuable for marketers to increase content marketing effectiveness/conversions and decrease content creation costs. Feel free to download slides or watch the recording to learn how you can easily deliver trust throughout your customer journey by incorporating UGC with the help of a DAM!


[download recording here]


[download slides here]


If you have any interest in learning more or have any questions about our TINT UGC + Widen DAM integration, please reach out and speak with an expert here.