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Live #Hashtag T-Shirt: Social Media on Wearable Technology

What if instead of going to the store and choosing a graphic-T that appeals to you, you could buy one shirt that allowed you to decide what to display every morning when you wake up? Sounds super futuristic right? Well, thanks to technological advances, like T-Shirt TV® (t-shirttv.com’s), this is already a new possibility.

According to a study conducted by Yankelovich, an affluent market research team,  the average person encounters around 5,000 advertisements every day; as opposed to around 2,000 a mere 30 years ago. As shocking as this 150% increase may be, it cannot come as too much of a surprise in our modern world. Along with the increasing exposure to advertising over the past 30 years, there has also been an obvious evolution in ways which advertisers get their message out. With this new realm of wearable technology, not only can advertisements be mobile, but also subtle.

This avant-garde idea doesn’t stop there; what if you could also live stream your social media feeds or #hashtags on your T-shirt so that everyone surrounding you became your temporary follower? Combining Tint’s social hub capabilities and the science of wearable technology, the possibilities are endless! From playing 6 second Vine videos, to live feeds of your favorite sports team’s Instagram accounts, wearable technology is taking social content to new heights and display mediums. With a whopping 72% of Internet users engaging in social media, the platforms themselves can function as self-sufficient advertising sites. Incorporating this to wearable technology can turn a blouse or a T-shirt into a real-time Twitter feed of the World Cup FIFA game!  


Socializing Wearable Technology

Image Source: T-ShirtTV.com

Image Source: T-ShirtTV.com

We are already seeing brands take advantage of wearable technology to benefit their sales. Russell + Kimora Simmons’ Jewelry Co. used wearable technology to get people talking and interacting hands-on with their product at Macy’s Jewelry & Fashion departments. Iconic stars like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna have already showcased the high-fashion articles with their own spins. Nicole Scherzinger even sported a trendy gown displaying live tweets during New York Fashion Week (see below).

Image Source: Pulse2.com

Image Source: Pulse2.com

By incorporating technology like Tint to wearable technology, this high-tech combination can easily execute ideas that before seemed unreachable to the general public. Just imagine if your brand had a mascot take selfie pictures with strangers, share it on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter with your branded hashtag, and the picture shows up right on the shirt in real-time! Not only is it an aesthetic goldmine, but it can also display an important message or increase a campaign’s publicity. The possibilities and ideas are endless (social feeds on Google Glass or Samsung Smartwatch maybe?), but the main value add stands firm: maximize the reach and lifetime of any social content by displaying them on wearable technology. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 3.36.35 PM

Where else do you think could integrate and display social content? Do you think it would be engaging to see social feeds on T-shirts? Let us know in the comments below!