Social networks account for a massive 1.5 billion+ Internet users every month. The sheer amount of people logging on to these sites has forever changed the landscape of marketing and content creation. Two weeks ago, we took a big-picture look at social media etiquette for businesses –how businesses can tailor their content to a particular platform as well as seek out the one most suited to their business model. Today, we take a look at one social network that is particularly good at turning pictures into an opportunity to buy: Pinterest.

Pinterest has somehow created a truly special social network where almost everything a user sees can be purchased in some way. This makes Pinterest a perfect platform for companies to promote their products, provided their products can be made visually appealing, and engaging. Pinterest isn’t about ads – so make sure your content is designed to be more than advertising. Do Pinterest right: turn browsers into buyers and reap the rewards.

This infographic will teach you How to Become a Pinterest Warrior. We’ll take an in depth look at Pinterest by the numbers, and what it takes to be on top. Learn what Pinterest offers businesses that other social networks might not, and how visual and product based content can excel and earn engagement on the platform like never before.

By Guest Contributor Ivan Serrano

Ivan Serrano is a web journalist and infographic wizard from California. He has covered a large variety of topics, but is especially adept at writing about social media, technology and business. Ivan is a worshiper of the sports god, and will begin his annual, four month prayer session now the football season has begun. As soon as hockey starts up again, Ivan may not be seen for several months.