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My Top 3 Memories Working with Tint

This is a blog post by Zen: After 7 months of working with Tint, I have decided to follow my heart and pursue other opportunities that best match my skill sets. That being said, I have absolutely enjoyed my time here with Tint and seeing them grow. Below outlines the 3 memories I will always remember.

As Cicero once said, “Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.”  There are just some memories in life that are difficult to remember merely because it has little meaning, while others we just choose to forget.  These top 3 moments I want to share with you about Tint… I choose to relish simply because of the joy each event has brought into this chapter of my life.  Without further ado, the 3 memories I will always cherish working at Tint: The best social hub team you will ever get to work with, hands down!

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1) Sharing a desk with Tim/CEO

Most of you have read Tim’s blog, “How Our Tech Startup Created a Profitable Business in 3 months.”  Welps, I read it soon after I embedded a Tint on my E-commerce Wix website.  As an aspiring designer, I was in dire need of time and my website content had to keep up with my day to day events – Tint was the best solution I could find.  Let’s just say I was so impressed, I had to reach out and propose my plan to help them reach 100k by the end of 2013.  They weren’t hiring at the time because they had about $50k in the bank and Tim had to do all sales, fundraising, account management, support, operations, accounting and so on…  I came in, proposed a strategy and got hired on September 1, 2013.  The team took a huge risk in hiring me and without a doubt, sharing a desk with Tim is one of my humbling moments.  I was a smoker at the time and I could not imagine the dreadful aroma he had to endure.  For a non-smoker, I knew that this was an unpleasant experience.  I was very conscious of it and this moment definitely gave me a good perspective into my daily habits.  (Although it took me 3 months and a couple of cheat days, I can finally say, “I am smoke-free!”)

2) Having a little fun at work

My first 2 months at Tint, I put so much pressure on myself and my team we forgot to have fun.  I enforced systems and best sales practices that sometimes it caused Tim and I to get into heated debates.  It was great to challenge each other’s point of views and it was absolutely rewarding to see the ideas come into fruition within days of discussion.  One of my favorite moments was the day after we had our long discussion to scale our sales team.  Our daily roundup was going on two hours, and building our salesforce key metrics was not as productive as I’d hope… moreover I could tell Tim was overwhelmed and the team needed a break.  The next day I bought the team a present which resulted in a foolerina moment at work.  While this little happy tool got the team to force a smile, it also help remind us that the key to productivity is having a good balance of work and fun.  Having fun while working is an overstated concept but sometimes we just forget because we let our ambitions get the best of us.  By the end of October, our team of 4 had done it – team Tint hit 90k per month.  A hockey stick growth from September, we were able to reach our 1 million run rate goal because we took huge strides to include fun into the Tint Culture.


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3) Vacation & Retreats

While holiday memories are some of the best,  all of December the team, except for Ryo went on a vacation.  Nik went to India, Tim went to Thailand and I went to the Western Caribbean.  A bold move for a lean startup, some may even think it’s a bit foolish and extravagant.  We believe that traveling is important and we wanted to incorporate this into our culture.  Regardless of our physical time together, our team was still able to bring in $94k in December.  In February, to catch up on lost time together, we decided to go on a retreat to Tahoe to spend quality time together while discussing the challenges and opportunities for Tint.  If the agility process is to observe, orient, decide and act,  well then we absolutely oriented and realigned our vision and strategy during our staycation in Tahoe.  This was our biggest month yet, we closed over $130k alone this February, a remarkable feat for a team of 6.  Our ability to balance our productivity in the office as well as outside the office has given me rich and successful memories that I will always integrate in growing my next team.




Without a doubt, those times from my 7 months working at Tint has embedded a dent of joy and camaraderie in my heart.  While we have built a viable product that is only at the tip of the iceberg, I look forward to the future of Tint and the fond memories they will continue to create.  As I part ways, the greatest lesson I’ve learned from this awesome crew, is to always remember to “strive not be a success, but rather to be of value.”


Director of Sales