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4 Ways to Use UGC Beyond Social Media

Content Marketing 4 min read
The place brands commonly repurpose user-generated content (UGC) is, naturally, social media. After all, social platforms are the places UGC is born. However, there is a whole world of possibilities beyond social media, both online and offline, where UGC can... Read More

byte app launches on Vine anniversary

Social Media Marketing 2 min read
byte, a looping micro-video app from the co-founder of Vine, has launched. The app touts creativity first and looks to build communities around experiences.... Read More

How Brands Can Build Authentic Influencer Relationships.

Influencer Marketing 9 min read
Brands and agencies are spending more than ever on influencer marketing. The influencer and content creator industry is booming with people and money. To maximize opportunity, brands and agencies need to focus on how they can build authentic influencer... Read More

Learn from the Masters: 5 Ways to Use Social Media UGC

Marketing 5 min read
Social media is an important way to create connections with an audience. And its even more powerful when your ardent supports create compelling content that highlights your brand. Leading companies are leaning on social media UGC to execute campaigns, grow... Read More

Get Up and TikTok!

Social Media Marketing 4 min read
Enough discussion, it is time to get up and TikTok! TikTok is the fastest growing social site of this new decade. The short-form video platform has taken the globe by storm, establishing a new digital destination for creators and consumers. Marketers have... Read More