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#getunstuck is sales video micro-mentorship at scale and it launches today with TINT : 4/13/2016.

The largest campaign of its kind: by thought leaders in sales & business, for the new generation of the aspiring best. The movement empowers millennial salespeople to #getunstuck and share their own story on social media.

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The Challenge of salespeople today:

Perception vs. reality: One traditional perception of salespeople is that they are solely money-motivated and just do whatever it takes to close deals. Sales as a profession is shifting– the reality in the current business landscape is that salespeople are constantly seeking fulfillment to better themselves by honing their craft. Despite popular perception, sales is a very complex discipline and can be a very solitary lifestyle filled with obstacles.

Mentorship at scale: It’s challenging to find quality internet content amongst the vast amount out there. Salespeople want the feeling of having a mentor, someone who shares gold nuggets of wisdom with them, but as they do the sales grind day in and day out, it’s not easy to find that valuable insight. We are providing this mentorship at scale by bringing together an unprecedented number of the brightest minds and gathering all their distilled wisdom in one place.

How do millennials consume content? Salespeople aren’t seeking out long form articles to better themselves. The way we consume content has changed in our generation. That’s why we chose the 60-second format to truly suit the millennial audience.

The Solution: To raise #getunstuck awareness and engagement with TINT’s  web display solution.

How do you get a prospect to respond after going dark? from Sean Daly on Vimeo.

To initiate the campaign, we reached out to the top sales thought leaders and have already begun receiving community submissions on

The companies participating include SalesLoft, Marin Software, CenturyLink, Influitive, SAP, Fastly, Tint, Hubspot, Salesforce, UC Berkeley Extension, LeanData, HackerRank, HireVue, Dyn, TalentBin, Reward Gateway, Birst and more.

As well as our favorite thought leaders from Predictable Revenue, A Sales Guy, Score More Sales, Sales Pro Insider, Heinz Marketing, Sales Trainer, Sales Hacker, Harris Consulting, Creation Agency, Sales-Shake and more.

To amplify the engagement, we’ll be facilitating a #getunstuck daily tweet discussion from @getunstuckdaily around the featured videos/tweets of the day.

“TINT  has enabled us to unite top sales leaders to share wisdom for the next generation of salespreneurs.”

– Branko Cerny, CEO/Cofounder of Immediately

TINT has allowed #getunstuck to:

  • Identify and increase engagement with members of top sales communities on Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Aggregate and curate authentic video and text content shared on social media and participants’ social channels onto a branded microsite.
  • Unite sales leaders around the world and to empower salespeople to view all the amazing advice in one experience.

How #getunstuck used TINT:

In order to use TINT, #getunstuck had to upload collected videos on a Youtube playlist called ‘getunstuck’.  To connect the Youtube content, we utilized TINT to aggregate the private playlist and chose to manually approve posts before we made them public.  Controlling when the videos go live are valuable because a movement does not take place overnight.  In order to create a movement, we had to command the release of the videos in a timely and strategic fashion. We will also be displaying the best #getunstuck tweets that come in to bolster the content quality on the website.

“Since 2013, TINT has helped my projects save a total development cost of over $50k.  TINT helps us treat every social post like royalty.”




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