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Social Media in Ad Units: #LETSTALKBUMS with TC Media and Tint

TC Media, Canada’s leading provider of media and marketing activation solutions, recently rolled out this innovative custom interactive ad unit with a TINT feed embedded inside to draw attention to a slightly awkward subject (ahem): bums. It’s social media in ad units at its finest.

social media ad unit

Cottonelle’s cheeky #letstalkbums campaign creates awareness of Cottonelle’s product line and hilarious content, encouraging women to ‘talk it out’ on social media when it comes to their clean routine.


Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.29.53 PM 

“It’s a microsite concept in a rich media ad unit,” explained Nigel Reoch, developer of the ad unit at TC Media. The expandable catfish ad (pictured above, top) allows users to click through to videos and the TINT feed. “Interaction in the ad unit is high and the client loved the concept,” he added. The ad has so far generated over 1M impressions on the site, with over 12K social posts from around the social networks. 

The ad unit is the first custom ad with dynamic social functionality that TC Media has produced, with future iterations in the works.The authenticity of the user-generated content helps grow the momentum of conversations — which then creates more content that can be captured & repurposed by the brand,” says Aleece Germano, who heads up social media at TC Media. “We use TINT because we can hand-select the content that best accompanies the message and get creative with the live feed.

We can’t wait to see what’s next from TC Media. Til then, #letstalkbums!





Name                                              Company                                 Position

Alicia Perrotta                                    TC Media                                   National Account Executive

Samantha Garner                             Mindshare Canada                 Senior Associate

Nigel Reoch                                        TC Media                                    Technical Specialist

Dan Kishchuk                                   TC Media                                    Art Director

Kendal Warrick                                 TC Media                                   Digital Integrated Account Manager

Selim Estephan                                 TC Media                                    Director of Advertising Operations

Aleece Germano                               TC Media                                    Interim Director, Social Media


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Melanie Montplaisir

Project Lead, Communications and Social Media




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