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How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy from Scratch| Social Studies Podcast

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Social Media and Customer Experience | Social Studies Podcast

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Wear Yellow for Seth: How a small non-profit went viral

This is the story of a how one boy, his parents, and a tiny non profit with no full-time employees can capture global attention. #WearYellowforSeth Read More

Dancing with Millennials: How the SF Ballet Trended on Twitter

How do you get millennials to patronize the arts? Our generation loves art, but we also love streaming movies on our laptops and paying off… Read More

Strategy Guide: How to Increase Revenue From Sponsors using Social Media

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How #Hashtags Changed the Way we Talk

The hashtag arose in 2007 as a way to categorize and “tag” tweets. It slowly gained traction, until 2009 or ‘10 when suddenly hashtags (and… Read More

5 Companies that have Nailed Social Media for Recruiting

In an effort to attract top talent, recruiters have turned to social media to attract prospective employees. According to a recent survey, 73% of recruiters… Read More

Digital Marketing for Shopping Malls: 6 Ways to Use TINT

In 2012, U.S. shopping-center retail sales totaled more than $2.4 trillion, accounting for half of all retail sales in the U.S. In the face of increasing… Read More

8 Brands Effectively Leveraging User-Generated Content

Consumers are wary of marketing slogans and tend to stay on the sites where conversations between real people happen. For marketers who want to engage… Read More