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Testimonials are an essential part of any marketing strategy. They represent the voice of the customer, which these days, is exceedingly more influential than the voice of the brand itself. TINT’s new Testimonials Theme allows brands to harness this voice from all social sources and display it in any marketing channel. Traditionally, brands have used testimonials on product pages, but as we saw in last week’s blog post, they can be used in multiple stages of the buyer journey to amplify engagement and sales!

TINT transforms content from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many other networks, into swaying customer reviews ready to be displayed anywhere.

From content to testimonials in seconds

Simply, connect your sources.



Pick and choose the best content.


And then with one click, turn user-generated posts, into meaningful customer reviews…bam!?


Here’s a live example that is ready to be displayed in any of your marketing channels!



Customers attract other customers

Once a potential buyer is aware of your brand, he or she will inevitably Google you, and land on either a homepage or a landing page to further research your product or service. Use this opportunity to not only describe what your brand does but also to present the positive things your customers say about you!


Once they land on a specific product they find interesting, create more specific and personalized testimonials that highlight the key features of that product. Potential buyers are interested in what other customers have to say, and the more information they can get about a product, the more likely they are to convert.


Homepages and landing pages are just some of the channels brands use to convert customers. If you are a brand, it is likely that you are also sending out e-mail newsletters, running Facebook ads, and running in-store displays. All of these channels can be optimized further with social testimonials.

More benefits of TINT’s social testimonials

The benefits from social testimonials sourced from TINT go beyond just hyping up your brand.

  • They are scalable. It is cheaper to get thousands of posts from fans than it is to hire a team of writers, photographers, and designers. We offer over 15 different content sources to choose from, to ensure your content needs are met.
  • They boost your SEO. In fact, 25% of search results for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to user created content (Yotpo).
  • Once embedded, they can be swapped out for new content instantly. We offer first-in-class moderation options and filters.
  • Consistently brand your testimonials with our powerful personalization tools and Custom CSS features.

Get started now!

To speak to one of our friendly TINT specialists, fill out a demo request and we will get back to you right away!

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a note at amrit_at_tintup_dot_com or shoot me a message on Twitter @akooms!

Originally published August 03, 2017, updated October 31, 2019Posted in Product Releases