The Trending 7: Social Media and Building Consumer Engagement

The world of advertising and marketing is constantly evolving, with new tech, trends and best practices popping up nearly every day. We’ve rounded up this week’s most compelling facts and insights so that you can stay in the know and ahead of the game.

The Future of Smart Devices

Summary: The Internet of Things is coming into the real world. For the first time, brands are aiming to create “experiences” for their customers by linking physical products to the tech that consumers use. This will give customers access to information or ideas that relate to the product like recipes, related products or even blogs.

Key Takeaway: When properly executed, this new link between product and technology will increase consumer engagement and lead to an important shift in how customers interact with the brands and products that they use.

How to Integrate Influencer Campaigns With the Rest of Your Marketing

Summary: At this point, we all know that influencer marketing campaigns are important and effective. However, to get the most out of these efforts, marketers have to choose the right influencers and integrate their campaigns with their broader brand message and marketing work.

Key Takeaway: Marketers have to approach influencer campaigns strategically if they want to achieve success. This means finding the right influencers, developing a well-rounded strategy around them, and making the most out of the evergreen content that they produce.

Everything You Need to Know About Monetizing User Generated Content

Summary: As traditional advertising becomes less and less effective, marketers are turning to user-generated content (UGC) to get measurable results. Word of mouth is an extremely effective marketing tool: companies that can effectively take advantage of this need to share earn the trust, loyalty and business of their target customers.

Key Takeaway: When properly planned and executed, UGC campaigns can bring marketers the results and ROI that they’re always looking for.

4 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Summary: Instagram Stories – uploaded videos or photos that only last 24 hours – are the latest update that the social media platform has unveiled. This new feature is a powerful tool for marketers. They can take advantage of its unique time-bound nature to share limited-time offers or offer glimpses into their brand and their creative processes.

Key Takeaway: Since customers know that the content on Instagram Stories will only be available for a limited time, they are inherently more interested in what it has to say. Marketers should take advantage of this to increase consumer interest and the sense of urgency surrounding what they have to offer.

Content Marketers: This Is Your Brain On Stories

Summary: It’s no secret that stories are an integral part of any marketing campaign – but now we finally know why. When people hear compelling and engaging stories, various centers of their brain activate and try to comprehend exactly what is going on and how they feel about it. This is a level of interest that is absolutely essential for companies that want their customers to have a long-term, real engagement with their brand.

Key Takeaway: The brain can ignore dry facts and figures. It can’t ignore compelling, engaging stories. Marketers must use these stories in their content marketing efforts if they want to maximize consumer engagement and make their brand unforgettable.

Everything That Keeps Marketers Up at Night, a Comprehensive Guide

Summary: In today’s marketing world, advertisers have more tools and channels than ever before. However, this new omnichannel environment creates a unique set of challenges. Specifically, marketers struggle with how to deliver the right message in the right place and – once the content is out there – with how to connect their data & analytics to optimize their future efforts.

Key Takeaway: To stay ahead of today’s marketing challenges, marketers have to focus on customer experience and deliver the right content to the right people at the moment they’re looking for it.

Can You Maintain 150+ Customer Relationships?

Summary: With so much engagement happening on social media, it can be difficult for marketers to create personalized, meaningful connections with their customers. In fact, studies show that one individual can only have a real relationship with 150 other people. To get around this, empower your employees to build and nurture meaningful relationships on behalf of your brand. More voices equals more brand power.

Key Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to use your team to your advantage. By making them a part of your marketing efforts, you’re investing in your capacity to scale and build the meaningful connections that your customers are always looking for.  

This week’s new insights are all about building consumer engagement and making the most out of the powerful social media tools that we have at our disposal today. Check in next week to stay informed about the latest and greatest updates in the world of marketing and advertising.