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On January 1, 2017, I challenged our TINT team with a bet. It was a simple one. If our team could hit our $7.5m revenue goal by Dec 31, 2017, I would get a tattoo of our TINT logo (location TBD and most likely I will have a location list where they could vote on) to commemorate the power of teamwork and our journey.

I got the inspiration from Brad Singley, one of our awesome Customer Success Strategists, who read it on a case study of Dave Hersh, CEO of Jive Software.

“The buttoned-up Hersh added one serious incentive to the list: he promised his employees that he would get a tattoo if they hit their number. Not just any tattoo, but one of the quota itself: VIII”

“It was a rallying moment. As Hersh’s challenge breathed life into the room, you could start to feel the air clear. It was time to get back to work.”

How do I feel right now?

I am excited as ever and really enjoying this journey with a great group of human beings. I only hope this will fire people up and look towards each other to achieve what will probably be a painful, yet hilarious memory.

Am I crazy?

In some people’s eyes, yes. In my eyes, my intentions are solely to fire up our team and create meaningful, unforgettable stories with our awesome community.

The Evidence

Screen Shot 2017 01 03 at 9.28.42 AM.png  1372×1094

Have you done anything like this before? Or similar? If so, I want to hear your story in the comments below!


Originally published January 03, 2017Posted in Marketing