I’m really excited to share with you the launch of the Widen and TINT integration. As TINT CEO, I’ve personally been spearheading this initiative because of what the combination of these two technologies can do for brand marketers!


Why should marketers care about UGC + Digital Asset Management?

We as marketers know that our job is to make sure we always have great content to drive our customers through the traditional customer buying journey. But today’s customer journey has a lot more complexity in terms of channel options, and thus content scale needs. To meet those demands, brands turn to creating content as quickly as they can.

TINT Widen Digital Asset Management

But creating branded content has many challenges for today’s brand/B2C marketers. It can be expensive, and require large time and resource commitments. That’s why marketers have turned to curating user-generated content from social media to scale their content demands.

TINT Widen Digital Asset Management

From my hundreds of customer conversations, I’ve learned that brands love to utilize their UGC, but have mentioned multiple times that workflow obstacles block them from fully repurposing them across all their marketing channels. Navigating through the curation, rights clearance, and ORGANIZATION of the UGC to distribute can be quite a headache. This integration streamlines the workflow and automates the process of safely repurposing UGC across the customer journey for marketers!


How TINT + Widen Integration Works

Now, Widen and TINT customers can seamlessly source UGC from social media, intelligently curate the best images and videos, and automatically clear rights from TINT into Widen for proper organization and distribution.


Together, they increase marketers’ productivity by allowing them to easily and confidently find the best content created from their audiences, and repurpose it safely on any website, digital signage, advertisement, print, email, social network, and so much more.

TINT and Widen Digital Asset Management


Benefits and Value Add

TINT Widen Digital Asset Management

TINT is a natural partner for Widen and the Collective, which tracks image rights and automatically retires expired assets before marketers or salespeople misuse them accidentally. Normally, a DAM administrator would have to input UGC image rights for each new asset. The integration eliminates that time-consuming step, enabling marketing, PR, and sales teams to use the UGC faster.

UGC has become a powerful marketing asset for organizations aiming to create relevant, authentic content yet save money. When a brand welcomes customers to share its story from their perspective, the content tends to be more authentic, relatable, and higher performing for conversions. And, whereas professional creative services often require weeks or months of work, a UGC campaign can produce good content in a matter of hours or days. Once the UGC reaches the Widen Collective, marketers can then verify, review, and distribute the content as usual.


What Customers Have Said

Georgia State University, Red Wing Shoes, and Delaware North –– mutual customers of Widen and TINT –– have helped pioneer this new integration. From their eyes, they are very excited!

TINT Widen Digital Asset Management

TINT Widen Digital Asset Management


Interested in learning more?

If you are a brand marketer struggling to engage audiences, increase content marketing performance, or keep up with content demands with limited budget and resources, we’d love to see if we can help with our new TINT + Widen integration.

You can learn more here or reach out to us at sales@tintup.com to speak with an expert. We look forward to helping you easily source, organize, and distribute UGC for your marketing initiatives at scale!

– Tim Sae Koo, CEO TINT