Two of the spots nominated for the 2019 Emmy for Outstanding Commercial are wonderful collections of UGC.

There’s an explosion of brands leveraging UGC (user-generated content) and it’s no surprise given that people trust other people more than brand messages. In fact, the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index reports that 92 percent of consumers trust UGC more than they trust traditional advertising.

Out of the five total nominees for this year’s Emmy awards, two ads for Apple created by the agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab are compiled almost entirely from user-generated content.

The Earth Day spot titled “Don’t Mess With Mother” is an impressive collection of footage taken on iPhones from the long-running Shot on iPhone campaign.

“Make Something Wonderful” from the Behind the Mac campaign features candid shots and behind the scenes type content from a wide variety of well-known and not so well known artists and creatives.

Other spots contending for the 2019 award are Nike’s “Dream Crazy”, Netflix’s “A Great Day in Hollywood”, and “Point of View” from Sandy Hook Promise.

If this year is any indicator, UGC will continue to evolve the advertising world by allowing brands to spotlight the authentic voices of their fans and customers.