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Hootsuite + TINT

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TINT aims to be the best in displaying any social media content anywhere you want for maximum audience engagement. That’s why we integrated TINT with Hootsuite, allowing you to easily display the best content you already monitor in Hootsuite onto your websites, TV screens, event walls, and digital boards with just a few clicks. The power of monitoring and displaying social content is now consolidated into one workflow.

" Combining the functionality of Hootsuite with the innovations of TINT has made TINT even easier to use. It was a simple process to send content directly to TINT with one click, and omitted the step of switching back and forth between applications to find hashtags."
–April Boone, President of Global Marketing Solutions Customer of Hootsuite for 6 years, Customer of TINT for 1 year
" What I love about Hootsuite + TINT is that they make my life easier. Hootsuite allows me to see and post to all my social accounts, keep up with new trending hashtags, and follow what our restaurant customers and sales reps are posting about all in one dashboard. Their integration with TINT has upped the game by allowing me to broadcast this relevant social content with a simple click."
–Kelly Orange - Community Affairs Manager - Specialty Produce Customer of Hootsuite for 5 years, Customer of TINT for 1 year
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Listen, act, multiply

With Hootsuite you can find all the social content that is important for your brand and then send out fresh media to your audience. With TINT, you can scale your efforts by bringing your branded and user generated media into a digital experience that wins eyeballs with just a few clicks.

Hootsuite and TINT integration

Seamless Integration

No more switching applications! Now you can send any Facebook and/or Twitter content to your TINT with one click inside Hootsuite. The power of monitoring and displaying social content is consolidated into one workflow so you can focus on making deeper relationships within your community.

Available with any paid subscription on TINT and Hootsuite

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