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TINT Widen Integration

​​Widen + TINT Introduction

How it Works

After connecting Widen with TINT, source your user-generated content via hashtags, keywords, location filters, and more from social media within TINT. Curate the best images and videos with TINT’s smart curation system, and request rights to those content in an easy, automated way.

Once the original author clears the rights, that user-generated photo or video will automatically flow into your Widen Collective DAM, to be further tagged and edited so other team members can repurpose it as single assets for the web, signage, email, ads, print, and more!

Features that drive results

Maintain complete control over your customer-generated content and use it across your organization, seamlessly.

TINT Widen Integration Screenshot

Content sync

UGC from social media will automatically import into your Widen Collective DAM after rights are cleared

Valuable metadata

UGC synced into Widen includes insightful metadata for easier organization

Author and timestamp

Backtrack UGC assets to original creator, created date, and rights approved date

Rights Tracking

Sync and access copies of rights approval for peace of mind

“TINT + Widen = match made in heaven… In the next 9-18 months, Delaware North sees UGC and employee advocacy being a centerpiece as our customers and employees are our best marketers to give our audiences an experiential storytelling experience and we need a centralized place to organize + distribute them.”

Kerry Hassen, Sr. Manager Brand Strategy, Delaware North

“We want to be able to show prospective students what campus is like, and it’s hard for our staff to be everywhere. Sourcing and combining UGC from our students into Widen is a great way to achieve those needs in a cost efficient manner. Tapping into the creative perspectives from our students not only engages them to create more content for us, but also resonates because of the authenticity.”

Terry Coniglio, Director of Content Strategy, GSU

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