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Boost employee advocacy and engagement

Use content from your employees and customers to bring your team together.

Attract the best talent

Great talent can recognize great culture. Attract high quality candidates by showing them what it's really like to work at your organization.
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Employee Generated Content

Here's how it works…

Our platform makes it easy to collect, curate, and display customer and employee-generated content (EGC).


Collect any photos or videos from social media and other sources, including SMS and Slack.


Choose the best content using TINT's easy-to-use moderation dashboards or our Mobile App.


Embed the content on a website or display it on a screen. We make it easy to create beautiful, branded content experiences.
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The Full Experience

Boost company culture and engage your employees with authentic content across all touchpoints.
Internal Signage
Careers Page
Company Intranet
Team Events
Employee Experience
Internal Signage
Amplify culture by displaying team activities or recent wins from your team alongside announcements and dashboards on office TV screens.
Careers Page
Encourage the best candidates to apply by showing them what it's really like to work at your company.
Company Intranet
Bring a company initiative to life by putting photos from employees on your Intranet.
Team Events
Extend the reach of a memorable company event or experience by giving employees an outlet to share.
Employee Experience
Personalize the employee experience with employee generated photos and videos for new employees, birthdays, and departures.

How People Use TINT…

Learn how Specialty produce inspired employees by showing them their farm-to-table impact with TINT.
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