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Integrate TINT and PowerReviews. Create your owned brand channel for a constant stream of fresh, authentic content that boosts sales and brand loyalty.

PowerReviews TINT integration
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"We are incredibly excited to see the immediate impact our community is having on our brand. The Hero Skin Squad is actively sharing their positive experiences with our products, participating in product development, and helping us spread the word about our new launches. The activities and insights coming out of our community are creating great value for Hero."
Amy Calhoun Robb
VP of Marketing, Hero Cosmetics
of marketers struggle with keeping a continuous flow of fresh reviews
State of Community Powered Marketing

A Branded Community Hub to Fuel Always-On Reviews

Cultivate an owned engagement destination for ongoing relationships with your best consumers, product reviewers, influencers, and creators.
Reviews syndication

Activate Targeted Voices to Launch New Products

Mobilize thousands of targeted consumers to drive immediate velocity and ensure success with high-quality seeded social proof.

Capture Zero Party Data and Feedback for Innovation

Fuel co-creation, personalized engagement, and keep a pulse on trends through customizable surveys, polls, discussions, and dynamic data collection.
A mission asking users to show love at their local Whole Foods


If PowerReviews is the party venue, TINT brings the people to the party. Your ecommerce investment is at risk of failure without ongoing and authentic ratings, reviews, and UGC.

TINT helps you create an owned brand channel to mobilize your consumer community and activate high-quality reviews and UGC to drive more sales and reduce acquisition costs. Your community can write reviews syndicated directly into the PowerReview network seamlessly.

Absolutely! Did you know 44% of consumers say they want access to reviews from within the last month? And 43% of consumers say they want more than 100 reviews on an item?

TINT’s Community Powered Marketing platform creates an always-on power source to make sure you’re never struggling with outdated reviews or empty product pages that lose sales.

Results happen fast! In as little as 4 weeks we mobilize your advocates through a branded community destination that is a seamless extension of your brand’s website. With our turnkey process, our customers have achieved 500+ reviews and 25% increase in average spend in just the first 100 days.
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