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How Boys and Girls Clubs of America engaged and encouraged social posts at events with TINT

About BGCA

Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) enables young people to reach their full potential through programs, mentorship, and by providing a safe place for young people to grow. The Creative Services department at BGCA helps BGCA teams around the country build brand awareness for their specific programs and increase engagement.

They use TINT to engage and encourage social posts at events, as well as to listen to and analyze social conversations.

Getting Teens Sharing

BGCA used TINT for Keystone, a youth development program for BGCA kids around the country who raise money and commit to community service. BGCA knows their teenage audience are already heavy social media users - so they used TINT to encourage posts and display content from their attendees. They displayed TINT (moderated of course) on the main stage at the conference and online- it was a huge success, both for those attending and those tuning in remotely.

“Clubs who could not attend felt like they got a taste of the action specifically because TINT put the social conversation right there at their fingertips. They could see what their peers were doing, and they could join in by sharing what they were doing back at home.”

Using TINT across the organization

BGCA has gone on to use TINT to harness user generated content at a wide range of their events. Day for Kids was an enormous BGCA fundraiser and field day for kids held in Atlanta. BGCA was able to easily put TINT up on the Jumbotron pulling in posts from participants who were eager to see their photos up on the big screen. It added a level of excitement and a great way to showcase all the organizations that came together to make the event possible.

“TINT was very helpful not only as a display at the event, but also as a great way for us to look back at the end of the event when we were reflecting and writing about how it went.”

BGCA uses TINT to look at conversation being generated around the many stories and campaigns they promote each month. TINT provides BCGA with cross platform engagement analytics that some of the big networks lack - including tracking influencers and hashtag use so they can target their messages.

“We started using TINT as a way to visualize social content, and it’s become very useful for getting a quick read on what is happening around a specific hashtag.”

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