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Learn how The National Trust for Historic Preservation uses TINT for awareness campaigns

“Our favorite thing about TINT is how flexible it is. We can pull in content from anywhere, in any format.”

Alison Hinchman

Associate Director, Marketing Technology

The National Trust for Historic Preservation (websites: Saving Places and Preservation Nation) is a nonprofit organization that helps people save historic places that matter to them and their communities. They have over 200 employees nationwide, running campaigns in 15 field offices.


In order to save historic places, The National Trust for Historic Preservation must run successful awareness campaigns, get voters to the polls, increase membership and donations, and increase brand recognition for their two websites.

The Preservation of Union Terminal

Saving Places wanted to help protect Cincinnati's historic Union Terminal, the model for DC Comic's Halls of Justice. Under threat of demolition when the costs of upkeep and repairs became too high, Saving Places ran an outreach campaign in Cincinnati that would pass a tax levy to fund the preservation of Union terminal.

They were in Cincinnati for seven weeks, campaigning to preserve the terminal. They put up a microsite and had two hashtags - #VoteYesUT and #VoteYeson8. They used TINT to pull everyone’s comments together and easily put them on the microsite and different websites as was needed for the campaign.

“With TINT, visitors to the site can see that other people are talking about the issue too. It also helps educate people - if you want to be part of the conversation, here’s where it’s happening, here’s how it’s used.”

TINT also allowed the marketing team to track the level of engagement and number of interactions they had with people. They were able to set and meet specific goals for levels of engagement and interactions.

The outreach campaign in Cincinnati won - Saving Places got enough people to the polls and passed the issue.

Saving Places uses TINT year-round to run campaigns around the country, at events and on their websites.

“We love TINT, it’s such an amazing company, we’re happy to be a part of it.”

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