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TINT, a great place to work

“I like working at TINT because of the people and the variety of things I get to do in my role here. I can genuinely say that I like every single person at the company.”

- Kim, Demand Gen Manager

"I love working at TINT because I have autonomy, I’m surrounded by amazing people, our culture makes me want to be better every day, and I’m building the invaluable skills/experiences associated with starting/growing a company."

- Gurtej, Customer Success Strategist

“I enjoy working for TINT because of the culture of transparency that exceeds my expectations. I enjoy the interesting problems that we’re solving, and the learning environment that regular pair programming provides. I also love the ability to bubble up ideas in a concrete way via hack days and our open culture.”

- Rocco, Senior Software Engineer

"I like working at TINT because our culture is something that is alive, present, and a priority. I'm lucky - I enjoy who I work with, I find what we do interesting, and I love the challenge of how we can do it better."

- Jessica, People Operations Manager

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