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Boise State University

​​Learn how Boise State increased hashtag usage by 300% and has rapidly grown social engagement since implementing TINT.


“We tried different things like plug-ins, different tools and extensions for our website but none of them work as well or as simply as TINT.”

Wendy Fox, Digital Communications at BSU

Engage Constituents with Content that Connects

​​Simplify student school choice

​​Appeal to prospects researching post-secondary schools with the student generated content that gives insight into your institution’s culture, unique qualities, and educational prowess. Allow positive word-of-mouth to be become part of prospective student research.

​​Power webpages with student promotion

​​Create awareness and buzz for your institution’s website with favorable social posts, reviews, or media student create. Find, curate, and display the content students generate and leverage it right on your homepage or other webpages.

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Engage Constituents

​​Deliver Content that Engages Constituents

​​Leverage the positive word-of-mouth students, faculty, donors, and parents are spreading online to reinforce your institution’s brand. Student generated content boosts engagement, increases constituent advocacy, and drives institutional growth.

​​Captivate Constituents at Campus Events

​​Whether it’s the big game, commencement, days of giving, or special campus events, having a social feed on screens and website drive participation. Social walls, hashtags, and licensed content from constituents increase a sense of community and help make memories unforgettable.

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