Helping brands build trust and engage fans, employees and customers with UGC (User-Generated Content) across any touchpoint.

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Over 5,000 leading brands in 173 countries rely on TINT to build trust, and engage fans, customers, & employees with the power of UGC.

As the most powerful and trusted Enterprise UGC platform in the world, TINT helps you find, curate, own, display, and repurpose authentic user-generated content across all marketing and communications touchpoints.

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92% of consumers trust recommendations from peers, or even someone they don’t know, over brand content ~ Nielsen

Our Story

TINT began in San Francisco to address the problem of falling consumer trust in brands exacerbated by an exponential increase in content noise. The average consumer gets exposed to over 5,000 advertisements per day. With all this noise, consumers have become experts at ignoring brand messages, and marketers are in a constant struggle to effectively reach and communicate with their audiences.

Following rapid growth, in 2018, TINT was acquired by Filestack - the premier platform for visual content - and moved its global headquarters to San Antonio, Texas. Filestack processes images and videos at scale, performing over 2 billion curation operations monthly. TINT leverages this technology to provide the fastest web and native mobile UGC embed in the market, a machine learning based product recommendations engine for shoppable UGC, advanced content moderation capabilities with copyright detection, object tagging, safe for web, virus scanning, and more.

Today, we're the global leader in UGC, helping thousands of leading brands humanize their marketing to build trust and increase conversions along every step of the customer journey.

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