UGC and Influencer Platform Integration for Shopify

TINT makes it easy to connect with Shopify to create shoppable UGC galleries within your eCommerce website.

How integrating Shopify with TINT increases eCommerce sales

Social Proof

Unleash the power of shoppable social galleries featuring user-generated content on your website.

Shop The Look

Aid discovery and inspire visitors to learn more about your products through customer content.

Engaging Product Pages

Match fan content to products organize and showcase based on SKU and ID tagging capabilities.

Higher Conversions

Convert visitors into customers by highlighting trusted, authentic UGC across critical conversion points.

Shoppable UGC Made Easy

Consumers crave authenticity. With TINT, easily integrate shoppable social feeds featuring authentic customer content into your Shopify site.

Simple Product Tagging

Introduce shoppers to their next must-have product by matching and tagging products from your Shopify catalog directly within TINT.

User-Generated Content Influences Buyer Decisions

People trust recommendations from people more than brands.
Easily showcase customer content to drive conversions and build community around your brand.
1 %

Of consumers believe that reviews and testimonials submitted by customers are more credible than the brand talking about their product

1 %

increase in conversions when websites feature user-generated content

1 %
of consumers more likely to click on ads, websites, social posts, or emails, that feature customer photos rather than an image created by the brand

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