Make Your Next Event Carbon Neutral

Offset the carbon of your next festival, event, or tourism activation while supporting grassland restoration & biodiversity. 

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"Our partnership represents a powerful combination of innovation and sustainability, leveraging TINT's expertise in delivering innovative marketing solutions with Grassroots Carbon's rigorous commitment to generating high-quality soil carbon drawdown credits."

Brad Tipper, CEO,  Grassroots Carbon

The most trusted community-powered marketing platform collaborating with the cutting-edge provider of science-backed verified carbon removal.

Choose the Right Carbon Offset Opportunity for you.

Incrementally reduce the carbon footprint of your event by offsetting specific elements like attendees, technology, or venue infrastructure. Or, request a complete analysis and fully offset an entire event or activation. 

More than a simple carbon credit.

TINT Green uses Grassroots Carbon’s high quality carbon removal credits generated in America’s grasslands.  Scientifically verified by third-parties, credits help fund the implementation of new Regenerative Agricultural practices that improve soil health, increase water retention, and enhance biodiversity. 

You're three steps away from a greener event.


The TINT Green Team conducts a series of audits to determine the carbon footprint of your event or activation.


Choose from a variety of carbon offset opportunities including partial offset, carbon neutral, and carbon negative.
TINT Green provides collateral, recommendations, and media support to maximize ecological and economic value.

Certification and Reporting

Carbon credits are issued, certified, and retired based on the Regenerative Standard. Post-event reporting and carbon offset certification are provided to the organization


Carbon offsetting involves compensating for the carbon emissions produced by an activity by investing in projects that reduce or remove an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. TINT Green’s program achieves this by supporting regenerative practices in grasslands, which sequester carbon from the atmosphere through healthy soil management.

TINT offers carbon footprint analysis using a series of audits based on publicly available data from organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency.  

Carbon Credits are offered through a partnership with Grassroots Carbon, the leading grasslands restoration and soil carbon storage company focused on empowering ranchers to implement regenerative land management practices on grasslands across the U.S.

Event attendees, sponsors, and stakeholders have consistently identified sustainability as a top five concern for the events, travel, and tourism industry. Combined with common-sense strategies, TINT Green helps events reduce or negate the carbon impact of gatherings. 

Post-event, the carbon credit will be retired on your behalf.  A retired credit is taken off the market and labeled as such in the public registry. This ensures that you are the only one able to claim the carbon benefit from credits you purchase through TINT Green. 

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