Community Powered Marketing Podcast

The Community Powered Marketing Podcast is dedicated to empowering marketers to unlock the potential of their audience and elevate engagement, advocacy, and loyalty through online brand communities.

Each episode will help you discover how to cultivate your community, mobilize your brand evangelists, and build a game-changing relationship with your most valuable consumers. Your audience is waiting.

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The Community Powered Marketing Podcast rounds up market disruptors,  engagement elevators, and  loyalty rockstars. Featuring marketers who are inspiring customers to become authentic influencers to discussions about empathy-driven storytelling, we celebrate the power of community and the growth it brings.

Your Host

Sue Frech has spent her career redefining digital marketing in brand and retail marketing, Martech, and advertising, at brands such as Kraft and Glaxo-SmithKline. Sue is committed to creating fellow Happy Marketers with TINT, transforming the relationships between brands and consumers with Community Powered Marketing.

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