Increase Retention and Customer Lifetime Value with Community Powered Loyalty Points & Rewards Programs

Enhance your points and rewards program and put community at the heart of securing lasting retention and emotional loyalty

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“We’ve seen a huge increase in brand loyalty through this program and an increase in members who consider our brand to be the preferred choice over competitors. Our advocates have ultimately become more loyal due to our connection with them through this platform.”

Amanda Allbee, Sr. Marketing Associate, Grubhub


Increase in Order Frequency Drive Through Community Points & Rewards


Your Solution for an Emotionally-Connected Loyalty & Rewards Program

Today’s consumers expect more than traditional transaction-based points and rewards programs. Cultivate a community destination to deliver personalized engagement, experiential rewards, and audience connection to achieve emotional loyalty. 

A Community integrated with Zinrelo
Hero Cosmetics Surveys & Polls

Integrate Community with Your Existing Loyalty Program to Increase Engagement

The average US consumer belongs to 17 loyalty programs but is active in less than half of them. Our unique process and integrations with platforms like Zinrelo, Yotpo, and Salesforce can help you turn any points and rewards program into a unique and thriving brand community that drives participation, redemption, and ensures you don’t get lost in a sea of sameness. 

Activate Loyal Customers for Brand Advocacy and Referrals

Mobilize your community of passionate loyalists to drive new customer acquisition with product ratings & reviews and high-quality UGC. With TINT’s connected platform of solutions, you can seamlessly organize and distribute curated social proof across your marketing mix of advertising, social, email, OOH, and much more. 

A collage of people with a woman highlighted that says she's completed activities, is a long-term purchaser, and social media user.

Beyond Transaction Loyalty

Cultivate emotional loyalty with personalized engagement, experiential rewards, and community connection

Community Rewards Integration

Encourage consumers to participate in community-based activities to earn points that transfers to your existing points and rewards program

Loyalist Activation

Identify influential loyalists to increase new conversion and referrals with a groundswell of reviews and UGC across social media

Why leading brands choose TINT

ARM & HAMMER Achieves 13X Greater Customer Lifetime Value with Community  

When analyzed across all other marketing channels, ARM & HAMMER Cat Litter’s Kitty Krew Community has become the home for the brand’s highest Customer Lifetime Value consumers and achieved a +275% increase in loyalty points earned.

ARM & HAMMER Community

Learn more about Product Sampling

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8 Ideas to Upgrade Your
Loyalty Program Strategy

Build loyalty through emotional connections, hyper-personalization, and community engagement.

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The Big Online Community Study

Discover how your brand can deliver the community connection consumers seek while simultaneously driving tangible business results.

Veggies Made Great Harvest Big Results From Its Community

Learn how Veggies Made Great activated their consumers and grew their community to 13,000+ members.


TINT’s platform delivers dozens of beyond-transaction activities for consumers to earn points, rewards, and additional gamification like custom badges. From surveys & polls, sampling & UGC campaigns, branded content, sweepstakes & contests, discussion boards, and much more. 


Yes! Our team of experts will work to integrate your community with your existing loyalty and rewards program. As your consumers participate in community activities, they can earn points that can be transferred and redeemed through your existing rewards program. Create endless opportunities to boost brand interaction and emotional engagement. 

Did you know 77% of loyalty programs that solely rely on a transaction model fail in the first two years?

In order for modern loyalty programs to achieve their objectives, they must elevate beyond transactional benefits and create loyalty experiences that establish strong emotional connections with customers. A points and rewards program driven by community ensures your loyalty strategy achieves ROI and remains relevant to consumers. 

Through TINT’s powerful audience segmentation engine, you can identify and mobilize loyalists by demographics, lifestyle habits, shopping behaviors, personal preferences, and hundreds of other zero-party data points.

When you’ve cultivated the ideal group, you can deliver personalized invitations to write product reviews, sample new products, co-create with product feedback, or share social content to earn points from their community dashboard. Then you can collect, curate, and distribute this rights-approved content across your marketing mix. 

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