Bring Social Into Your Virtual Events

TINT provides multiple solutions to increase engagement and improve participation at virtual events.

Adapt your in-person event to a virtual experience. Events are going virtual and we’re here to help you bridge the gap with the power of UGC.

Create Virtual Events with Experience Builder

Create an unforgettable virtual event with the newest addition to TINT Experience Builder. Connect the live video player to your streaming source, then pair it with a TINT gallery to capture content, questions, and feedback directly on page without losing their attention.

You’re only 5 minutes away from your design to launch of a TINT Virtual Event.

Add the power of UGC to your next virtual event.

Engage Attendees and Sponsors with TINT Intermission

TINTmix Intermission is “visual hold music” for your virtual event to display a variety of media between and during sessions. Attendees are thrilled to see their tweets, photos, and content featured on the virtual social wall. Sponsors appreciate additional exposure on slides and featured videos. Event organizers can include reminders to buy merchandise, sign-up for future sessions, and other calls-to-action.

The easy-to-use interface lets you drag and drop content, set display times, and make changes on the fly.

TINTmix works with most virtual event platforms including CrowdCast, Go-to-Webinar, and Bizzabo.

intermission engagement

Embed TINT Gallery alongside your Livestream

Hosting a virtual conference on your own website? Easily embed a TINT gallery alongside the video player. With our Public Add-a-Post functionality, audiences can submit UGC in real-time alongside sessions.

All shared content is downloaded into your TINT asset manager. Repurpose submitted photos, quotes, and feedback to supercharge your marketing with the power of UGC. User generated content is more trusted than brand-generated materials, increasing engagement and conversion anywhere it is used.

Embed Gallery

Publish Virtual Event Content Everywhere

Connect TINT to the rest of your stack and use your best virtual event content in all your marketing campaigns.












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Don’t miss out on the power of
user-generated content

With advanced tools and our world class team ready to help you, it’s easy to get started with TINT.