Community Powered Loyalty Cultivates Direct Relationships For Higher Customer Lifetime Value and Passionate Advocacy

Create a sense of belonging and promote brand interaction to cultivate a loyal customer base that remains loyal and advocates for your brand. Harness an online brand community to nurture direct, emotional, and engaging relationships with your best consumers.

Loyalty Pillar TINT

Brands Need to Reclaim and Strengthen Direct Consumer Relationships 

To achieve successful retention and lasting brand loyalty, brands must transcend transactional loyalty, stop relying on third-party gatekeepers, and deliver modern loyalty experiences that foster deeper connections.


Long-Term Growth Requires Owned Relationship Channels

Elevate your owned channels and achieve sustainable growth.

Consumers are 3.5X more likely to purchase from a business after a positive customer experience.

Brands Must Acquire A Deeper Understanding of Consumers

The key to retention lies in knowing your audience and bridging the gap between your brand and your consumers.

Less than 50% of marketers know their audience’s interests and hobbies, shopping habits, the products they are interested in buying, their purchase history, and where they consume content. 

Brands With Emotional Loyalty Have Higher Retention

An emotional connection to your brand will achieve greater long-term outcomes.

Emotionally connected consumers are more than 2x as valuable as even highly satisfied consumers.

Harness the Power of Direct Consumer Connections for Long-Term Growth and Increased Retention

Learn how TINT’s community solutions can help you deliver on modern consumer expectations to achieve loyalty, powered by integrated data & insights. 

Owned Brand Channel 

Online brand communities are an engaging extension of your brand website

Zero-Party Data

Take back control from third parties and own your consumer data.

Points & Rewards 

Create engaging rewards & fun gamification 

Personalized Engagement 

Deliver unique community activities to each consumer

Collect consumer feedback to understand your audience and competitors

TINT builds trust through authentic community powered marketing centered on the voice of the customer. Today, over 5,000 brands in more than 173 countries use TINT’s unique mix of software, services, and expertise to cultivate communities that drive advocacy, engagement , conversions, and loyalty. Learn more about Community Powered Marketing.

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