Community Powered Advocacy Drives Awareness & Customer Acquisition With Trusted Social Proof

Overcome competitive challenges, build market share, and transform your consumers into an army of advocates.

Advocacy pillar

Modern Brand Advocacy Requires More to Earn Consumer Trust

Brand advocacy is changing. Today’s marketers are faced with unique challenges in nurturing ongoing and high-quality brand conversations, and you need streamlined strategies to create and scale social proof.

Brands Will Get Lost in the Clutter Without High-Quality UGC

Ensure your UGC truly reflects the essence of your brand.

79% of companies say they struggle to find high-quality user-generated content.

Sales Will Slow With Outdated Ratings & Reviews

Stop losing revenue to empty product pages and create a pipeline of fresh ratings & reviews. 

62% of consumers will not purchase a product if the reviews weren’t published within the last year.

New Product Discovery Will Be Driven by Social

We’re entering a new era of brand awareness & content consumption.

76% of consumers have used social media to search for or discover products, brands, and experiences.

Harness the Power of Consumer Voices for Impactful Brand Storytelling

Learn how TINT’s community solutions can help you solve your biggest advocacy challenges, powered by integrated data & insights.

TINT platform

Discover and engage creators & influencers for your brand

Drive conversion and retail sell-through with always-on reviews

Deliver authentic and high-quality content at scale

Social Sampling

Deploy targeted trial to amplify word-of-mouth

Brand Ambassadors

Mobilize enthusiastic representatives to spread your brand message

TINT builds trust through authentic community powered marketing centered on the voice of the customer. Today, over 5,000 brands in more than 173 countries use TINT’s unique mix of software, services, and expertise to cultivate communities that drive advocacy, engagement , conversions, and loyalty. Learn more about Community Powered Marketing.

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