UGC Rights Management Simplified

End-to-end workflow for quick, easy, legal rights to User-Generated Content with TINT UGC Rights Management software.

UGC Rights management
Scale your content production with our simple, straight-forward User-Generated Content legal rights management workflow to obtain original poster approval. Stay compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy standards. Repurposing UGC legally and safely throughout your marketing channels is one of the most effective and authentic strategies for converting leads to customers, as well as achieving scale for your content needs quicker and at a lower cost.

Easy, Legal UGC Rights

Show customers you are listening

72% of users will accept a brand’s request to use their content.

Request rights to content from members of your community to drive real engagement and to show them you appreciate their contribution to your brand. Studies show these fans love that you are listening and will share brand content again.

UGC content is more trusted and affordable than branded content. Increase click-through rate, customer engagement and top-line revenue all while saving time creating valuable content.

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