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Visual Search

Visual Search

Finding that perfect image is important. It’s also difficult. Frustrating. Time consuming.

TINT changes everything. Uncover the perfect content every time with industry-first visual search UGC technology.

Choose from existing UGC or upload an image to find visually similar content. TINT’s unique Visual Search analyzes a 2048 dimensional space, providing you content sets with similar tones, landscapes, settings, landmarks, and more.

UGC Recommendation Scoring

Take the guesswork out of moderating UGC through scoring. Easily filter to highlight the best content, quickly and concisely. TINT analyzes every post, providing you a recommendation score to save time and source content that follows brand guidelines.

UGC recommendation scoring

Personalized Content Experiences

TINT constantly learns from your moderation actions to create a unique profile based on content preferences adding speed, depth, and scale to help you deliver riveting personalized content experiences across any channel.

“TINT’s machine learning helps to narrow down what I’m looking for to the very user-generated content that we can use, get rights for, and repurpose.”

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Cecelia Romero

Social Media Manager

AI-Powered Content Analysis

TINT analyzes every post, providing object detection and auto-tagging. Leverage UGC combined with artificial intelligence to enhance content analysis and generate deeper insights.

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UGC Curation at Scale

UGC Curation at Scale

TINT narrows down searches to find that 0.1% of high quality content, without having to scroll through hundreds of pages of posts. Achieve smarter UGC curation at scale, build a library of highly engaging and trustworthy content that’s ready for any channel, and display the best content throughout the buyer journey.

Visualize User Attention

TINT’s Attention Score allows you to look behind the eyes of your user, to learn what will grab attention on visual content. Use the instant results to test and optimize visual creative BEFORE publishing to maximize attention and drive the desired behaviors.

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