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Enhance your grocery and retail media offering, drive shopper engagement and loyalty, and monetize your audience to create new partner revenue streams.

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"So many of our marketing communication objectives are to drive in-store sales and that's so hard to do with online, digital channels. But the community has really lent itself to being able to drive offline or in-store sales by creating these missions for consumers to engage at a retail level.”

– Christine Luongo, Sr. Brand Manager, Veggies Made Great


Higher-Than-Average Coupon Redemption Rate

Veggies Made Great

Monetize Your Shopper Audience and Drive New Revenue Streams

Mobilize your community of shoppers and deliver turnkey activation packages to manufacturing and brand partners. Whether it’s driving shoppers to write product reviews, create partner-specific UGC, sample new products, or share content and insights, a grocer community creates a new revenue stream and maximizes business results for partners. 

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Cultivate Meaningful Relationships with Shoppers to Increase Retail Brand Equity

Create a competitive advantage and increase your value proposition to shoppers with a vibrant community destination. Deliver hyper-personalized engagement and offers and reward non-transactional interaction, foster meaningful discussions and connection, and collect valuable quantitative and qualitative shopper data to glean audience insights and fuel tailored activation.

Co-Create With Shoppers and Gain Valuable Market Intelligence

Stay on top of shopper behavior, from tracking sentiment around trends like BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store) to omnichannel expectations to social and online behavior, an online community helps you crowdsource new ideas and validate innovations to maintain your marketplace strengths.

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Fast & Easy to Launch

Launch a fully customizable owned community in 4 weeks, no coding required.

Dynamic Activations Fueled by Zero Party Data

Deliver tailored activities at scale to drive action and emotional loyalty

Robust Community Engagement

Create ready-to-go packages for partners to drive new revenue.

Agile Insights Gathering

Keep a pulse on shopper insights for retail customers, trends, and drive brand resilience.


Connect your community to customer IDs in your retailer database or rewards program.

Why leading brands choose TINT

Veggies Made Great Grew Sales by +20% and Sparked In-Store UGC with Community

Veggies Made Great recognized the power of a consumer community and had taken steps to try to build their own. But without the right tools and the expertise, they were struggling to effectively manage its daily operations and to maximize its potential for social advocacy and shopper marketing.

Veggies Made Great Community

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TINT helps you create a fully customizable online community destination seamlessly integrated with your website. When shoppers join, they gain access to a personalized dashboard featuring customized brand activities, fueled by collected profile data and zero party data.

Community members can engage in compelling experiences such as user-generated content and review campaigns, sampling, discussion boards, surveys, polls, and more. Each community incorporates gamification with fun badges and points to foster participation and enhance emotional loyalty. Your community engagement can blend ongoing activities with hyper-personalized campaigns to amplify specific retail initiatives and campaigns.

With the enormous growth seen in retail media, it is clear how valuable an audience of shoppers is to driving conversion both online and in-store. An online community is a powerful revenue generator and with TINT, you can identify, mobilize, and activate your audience on behalf of manufacturing partners. Package and sell sampling campaigns, ratings & reviews programs, and UGC collection to manufacturers for an additional revenue stream. 

Yes. Influencer relationships are a critical channel for grocery and retail brands. When you launch an online community with TINT, you can identify and mobilize your influencer relationships and deliver specific campaigns to a select group. This can include sharing specific promotions, creating content, posting on social, and driving traffic for a new product launch. 

We recognize that each team possesses distinct resources, and our platform is designed to be flexible to accommodate your needs. Whether you have a team of community experts seeking a platform to engage with shoppers or you’re seeking a fully managed community team to nurture your owned community and launch partner activations, TINT’s platform is engineered to enhance efficiency in your marketing stack.

In some instances, we’ve assisted clients in streamlining and eliminating more than four marketing tools. Additionally, 90% of our clients confirm that a minimum of three business functions engage with an owned community.


Build lasting shopper connections in your own branded community