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Communications Manager - TINT

San Antonio · Full Time

Are you creative? Do you like problem solving and putting together puzzles? That’s the way we approach Communications at TINT. We look for creative ways to put stories together that will set TINT as the thought leader in the industry. We’re marketers selling digital tools for other marketers and we are looking for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset to join our team.

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What our team has to say

“I like working for TINT because of our company’s transparency. We are in this together, so it’s important to me that everybody is given the same level of trust.”

Daniel, Brand Design Manager

"I like working at TINT because our culture is something that is alive, present, and a priority. I'm lucky - I enjoy who I work with, I find what we do interesting, and I love the challenge of how we can do it better."

Jessica, People Operations Manager

"I love working at TINT because I have autonomy, I’m surrounded by amazing people, our culture makes me want to be better every day, and I’m building the invaluable skills/experiences associated with starting/growing a company."

Gurtej, Head of Customer Success

"I’ve always been a believer of working in roles that contribute to who I want to be as a person, and my place at TINT completely embodies this concept. At TINT, I’m given independence, collaboration, and the chance to hit the ground running. My colleagues are trailblazers and innovators, which are the types of people you can continuously learn from."

Acey, Customer Success Manager

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