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Harness real-time data collection to make informed decisions, adapt to changing trends, and keep your finger on the pulse of your audience’s preferences.

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"We've had our Taste buds community for the past 2.5 years. We turn to them for anything and everything that you can think of. And we've found it so valuable. We constantly get messages from our Taste Buds about how much they love Sir Kensington's. About how much they love being a part of the community. It really has been an important part of our growth strategy in activating and building this group of super fans.”

– Amanda Triglia, Associate Brand Manager, Sir Kensington’s 


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Launch a Survey or Poll in Minutes

From quick gut checks to in-depth audience analysis, TINT helps you easily deploy a comprehensive survey or engaging poll within a matter of minutes, streamlining the process to quickly gather valuable insights from your target audience.

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Enhance Survey Quality and Personalize Surveys

Gather better insights with built-in skip logic that adapts questions based on responses. Further categorize and analyze responses by specific criteria, and identify and deepen your understanding of diverse audience segments.

Track Audience Behavior and Sentiment Over Time

Issue longitudinal studies of an identified consumer group, digging into trends, patterns, and shifts in behavior and sentiment, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of how attitudes and actions evolve, adapt, or remain consistent over a specified time period.

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Collect Actionable Feedback for Your Brand

Collect opinions from targeted supporters to co-create new innovations, troubleshoot issues, and identify strengths at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional research studies.

Optimize Creative Concepts

Unmask intuitive responses to messaging, imagery, and packaging through consumer insights tools and analytics to enhance creative effectiveness.

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Fast & Easy to Launch

Launch a fully customizable owned community in 4 weeks, no coding required.

20+ Survey Question Types

Deliver tailored surveys to collect audience feedback.

Dynamic Profiles & Grouping

All survey data is appended to each consumer’s profile, empowering you to segment and group audiences based on shared characteristics.

Survey Personalization

TINT’s survey platform adapts with consumer responses to gather the right information from the right people

Why leading brands choose TINT

Sir Kensington’s Uses Community Surveys to Create Eater Profiles in Audience Targeting

Unilever’s Sir Kensington’s brand launched its Taste Buds community and deploys surveys and polls often to understand its audience better and inform media targeting. See how they achieved more than 50,000 survey responses. 

Sir Kensington's Community

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TINT’s online community platform includes a robust survey builder, complete with 20+ different question types, skip logic, and question branching, all available through an easy drag-and-drop tool. Once your survey is developed, you can identify the group of consumers to complete your survey through already-existing profile information. When your survey is launched, a consumer will access it through their personalized community dashboard filled with brand activities. As consumers complete your survey, you’ll see real-time results on responses. 

An online brand community is an always-on consumer panel that helps you gather valuable data analytics and insights to make better decisions for your brand quickly. Whether that’s getting a gut check on a new trend or conducting an in-depth emotional profile study, you can stop wasting thousands of dollars on traditional research methods and gather insights directly from your engaged community.

We recognize that each team possesses distinct resources, and our platform is designed to be flexible to accommodate your needs. Whether you have an existing insights team seeking a platform for a consumer panel or you need a partner to manage data and audience insights, TINT’s platform is engineered to enhance efficiency in your marketing stack. In some instances, we’ve assisted clients in streamlining and eliminating more than four marketing tools.

Additionally, 90% of our clients confirm that a minimum of three business functions engage with an owned community.

TINT’s survey platform comes equipped with real-time data collection and charts for quick analysis, but also offers downloadable files for in-depth analysis. For brands looking for managed surveys, TINT’s team of insights experts can help you decode your survey responses and offer learnings and recommendations.  

Collect Community Insights with Surveys & Polls