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75% of consumers are likely to search for reviews and testimonials before making a purchase.

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Collect, Moderate, and Re-Share Visual Ratings & Reviews

Amplify the reach of every review your brand collects and help shoppers make informed decisions.

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Launch engaging experiences to gather more reviews – in minutes with no coding.

Collect REAL Feedback

Collect and share your customers' experiences with your brand to build trust with potential buyers.

Make Content Shoppable

Deliver the right content at the right time by smart tagging visual content, product recommendations, and more.

Analyze performance

Track and boost ROI across every step of the buyers' journey with advanced insights, analytics, and reporting.

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Create Engaging Shopping Experiences

Create seamless, trustworthy experiences by highlighting shoppable ratings and reviews by REAL customers.

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Visual Ratings & Reviews FAQs

Ratings and reviews are essential to boosting trust and sales, especially online. In fact, 75% of consumers are likely to search for reviews and testimonials before making a purchase.

TINT Ratings & Reviews makes it easy for you to collect, monitor, respond, repurpose, and display authentic customer feedback at critical conversion points across your website, in emails, and more.

It’s simple to get started with a new Ratings & Reviews campaign and begin collecting feedback from your customers. You can then display these reviews on your website, product pages, email campaigns, and other marketing channels to showcase real-life experiences and create confidence and trust for potential customers to buy.

At TINT, we believe that getting more high-quality ratings and reviews is crucial for building trust and increasing conversions. That’s why we offer the following to help you generate more high-quality ratings and reviews:

  1. Launch post-purchase experiences: Generate more ratings and reviews by launching post-purchase experiences, like contests and giveaways, that encourage customers to leave feedback.

    For example, you might send a post-purchase e-mail asking customers to rate their experience and leave a review in exchange for a future discount. With TINT, you can easily launch engaging experiences like this, making it easier to collect more feedback from your customers.

  2. Collaborate with creators and influencers: By working with creators who are passionate about your products or services, you can generate more authentic and meaningful reviews that will resonate with your audience.

    Use TINT to manage engaging UGC and streamline your way of working with your favorite influencers and creators. 

Of course! At TINT, we understand that every brand has unique needs and preferences when it comes to displaying Ratings & Reviews. That’s why we offer a range of customization options to help you make the most of this content:

  1. Visual customization: With TINT, you can change the background colors and fonts to match your brand’s look and feel, making sure that your UGC blends seamlessly with your website or social media channels.

  2. CSS customization: If you have more specific design requirements, TINT also offers custom CSS options, allowing you to create bespoke styles and designs that match your brand identity.

  3. Reviews customization: TINT also allows you to add titles, descriptions, star ratings, and other content such as images or videos to your reviews, so you can make sure that your UGC is as informative and engaging as possible.

  4. Filter options: TINT’s filter options allow you to sort through your UGC by star rating or other criteria, making it easy to find the most relevant content for your audience.

  5. Sort options: With TINT’s sort options, you can sort your ratings and reviews by top-rated, newest, oldest, or photo-only, giving you more control over how your UGC is displayed to your audience.

By providing a range of customization options, TINT helps brands showcase Ratings & Reviews in a way that’s tailored to specific needs and preferences.

Get more from your ratings & reviews investment with TINT today.