Cultivate Lasting Relationships with Brand Ambassador Communities

Mobilize and activate your brand ambassador relationships, and secure long-term impact with emotional brand loyalty.  

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"What was more important to us was using our brand ambassadors not only as an internal insights group but also as a megaphone for the brand to share. We wanted to find a platform that would allow us to do all of that. And that’s ultimately how we ended up partnering with TINT.”

– Rachel Moore, CMO, Clio Snacks


Increase in Brand Loyalty in the First 100 Days of Launch

Clio Snacks

Rally Brand Ambassadors in a Dedicated Engagement Channel

Many brand ambassador efforts have been relegated to social media channels, where marketers play a game of hide-and-seek. Solidify emotional bonds with ambassadors and streamline grouping them into a central place that’s not a behind-the-scenes database or an Excel spreadsheet but an online home alive with conversation. 

Stripes Community

Personalize Ambassador Engagement That is Scalable

Brand ambassadors know that they are VIPs and expect to be treated as such. Ambassadors can’t be lumped together and offered the same benefits. An online community channel becomes your well-oiled machine of data collection, segmentation, and relevant digital experiences.

Activate Targeted Brand Ambassadors and Track & Measure Sales Impact

Your brand ambassadors are an important part of your team to help humanize your brand and make brand values come to life. With TINT, you can easily organize and measure brand ambassador campaigns to drive new customer acquisition and awareness with key audiences. 

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Co-Create With Your Passionate Brand Ambassadors

Having easy, quick access to engaged consumers with a vested interest offers a key market advantage. Your ambassador community can serve as an easy access point to deliver surveys, host online focus groups, cultivate member discussions, deliver quick polls, and much more.

Fast & Easy to Launch

Launch a fully customizable owned community in 4 weeks, no coding required.

Dynamic Activation Fueled by Zero-Party Data

Deliver tailored activities at scale to drive action and emotional loyalty

Robust Community Engagement

Elevate engagement with 20+ activities including product sampling, reviews, UGC, discussions, surveys, and more

Agile Insights Gathering

Keep a pulse on consumer trends, gain market share, and drive brand resilience

Why leading brands choose TINT

Clio Snacks Upgrades its Brand Ambassador Program from Facebook to an Owned Community Channel

Fast-Growing Frozen Yogurt Brand Clio Snacks created the Clio Cravings Club community to build genuine brand ambassador relationships and upgraded from third-party gatekeepers and manual ambassador management.

Clio Snacks UGC

Learn more about Brand Ambassador Communities

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Download our exclusive report to learn what consumers want in an online community experience, how online communities impact a brand's bottom line, and the best practices to grow communities.

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Brands Need A Renewed Focus On Their Brand Ambassadors

A revitalized focus on your brand ambassadors could be the key factor that maintains your wallet share and drives innovation, even in an unpredictable economy.

What is a Brand Ambassador Program? – Guide & Examples

Explore what a brand ambassador program is, how to find advocates and the key ingredients of success.


Yes! TINT will help you seamlessly transition from other platforms and social media channels while maintaining the integrity of your brand ambassador program and relationships and providing even more value to them as they join your online brand community. 

With TINT’s 13+ years of experience in community-building and managing millions of consumer relationships for today’s biggest and growing brands, we offer a ready-to-go platform for your brand ambassador relationships. 


Streamline your brand ambassador activation, fuel personalized engagement, and foster a sense of belonging and community to cultivate lasting ambassador relationships. Our community platform is proven to drive new customer acquisition through authentic social advocacy and UGC distribution, increased customer retention with emotional loyalty, and valuable and actionable insights to future-proof your brand. 

We recognize that each team possesses distinct resources, and our platform is designed to be flexible to accommodate your needs. Whether you have an existing team seeking a platform to engage with brand ambassadors or you’re seeking a fully managed community team to nurture your ambassador relationships, TINT’s platform is engineered to enhance efficiency in your marketing stack. In some instances, we’ve assisted clients in streamlining and eliminating more than four marketing tools. Additionally, 90% of our clients confirm that a minimum of three business functions engage with an owned community.

TINT helps you excel in ambassador marketing with a fully customizable online community destination  seamlessly integrated with your brand website. When brand ambassadors join, they gain access to a personalized dashboard featuring customized brand activities, fueled by collected profile data and zero party data.

Brand ambassadors can engage in compelling brand experiences such as user-generated content and review campaigns, sampling new products, participating in discussions with other brand ambassadors, surveys for product feedback, polls, and more. Each community incorporates gamification with fun badges and points to foster participation and enhance emotional loyalty. Your community engagement can blend ongoing activities with hyper-personalized campaigns to amplify specific brand initiatives and campaigns.

An owned brand community powered by TINT has proven to enhance customer retention, drive new customer acquisition, and provide significant insights to propel your brand forward.

Launch Your Own Brand Ambassador Community