UGC STUDIO – Social Media Asset Management

Store, organize, search, customize, edit and
repurpose media content assets

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With UGC Studio media asset manager, collect assets and build a library of UGC to customize & repurpose.

Legal Content Rights Management

Tap into the world of UGC for your own marketing collateral. Gain the legal rights to beautiful, authentic content.

Contests & Campaigns

Engage your audience by creating and launching UGC experiences in minutes. Start a campaign with Experience Builder and receieve authentic UGC directly from your audience.


Find the most engaging, relevant, and impactful content from your attendees Capture UGC from event attendees via Public-add-a-post submissions.

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Save time and streamline your team’s media asset management workflow with these powerful features…

ORGANIZE media assets

Smarter Asset Management

Find the right assets in seconds.

Dynamic Media Asset Search

Use our spotlight search to quickly find the right content assets in your library.

Dynamic search
Visual Search

Visual Search

Use advanced AI to scan every asset and recommend others like it. As your media library grows, find images and videos similar to your most high performing content.

Object Recognition 

Our powerful machine learning automatically scans assets to find and tag objects. Easily search and filter by these tags to find the perfect content.

Object Recognition

Organize Content Assets

They’re not just folders, create smart collections of media content as you prepare for your next campaign.

Customize earned and owned visual assets without using creative resources or an expensive design program.

CUSTOMIZE Media assets

Media Asset Management Content Studio

Easy to use tools to rapidly create, adapt, enhance and automate assets for delivery and publishing across channels.

Personalize Social Content

Customize assets to match your brand with powerful tools in the Content Studio.

Personalize custom Assets
Image Editor Tools

Image Editor

All the tools you need in one place to modify assets.

Crop and resize, enhance colors, apply filters and visual effects, adjust colors and contrast, add text, stickers and more.

Dynamic Visuals

Create dynamic content for your audience, including — animated GIFs, Instagram Stories, and more.

Dynamic Visuals for your audience

Automated Asset Management Workflows

Save time with our leading-edge media asset automation. Build custom workflows to save time on repeated actions.

Select from editor actions, mix and match to create the perfect asset in seconds.

Automated Workflows


One asset, any channel. Ads, posts, updates – prep assets with the right dimensions for any channel at the click of a button.

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Deliver visual assets across your tech stack with multiple ways to publish.



The flexible media asset management system to deliver social content across all your marketing channels.

Embed Directly

No need to download, easily copy embed links to directly publish on your website.

Embed Directly
Create Ads

Create Ads

Move production-ready files to your social ad platform of choice.


Easily send customized assets to include in your next email marketing campaign.

Logos of tech platforms that TINT integrates with

Marketing Integrations

Connect TINT and the rest of your marketing stack to streamline your team’s workflow.


Easily collaborate with coworkers, teams, and agencies with direct links to collections, images and videos.

Share and collaborate


Assets Insights

Track the ROI on using customer-led-creative in your next campaign.


Track clicks, and more with analytics on your top-performing content.

Don’t miss out on the power of
user-generated content

With advanced tools and our world class team ready to help you, it’s easy to get started with TINT.