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Cultivate direct consumer relationships, drive new trial and acquisition, and secure long-term retention with emotional brand loyalty. 

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“For us as a CPG company, so many of our marketing communication objectives is to drive in-store sales and that’s hard to do with online, digital channels. The community has really lent itself to being able to drive offline or in-store sales by creating campaigns for consumers to engage at a retail level.”

Christine Luongo, Brand Manager, Veggies Made Great


Increase in Sales

Veggies Made Great

Have an Always-On Pipeline of Product Reviews, UGC, and Social Commerce

For CPG brands venturing into DTC, social proof is a must – but obtaining a steady stream of current product reviews and consumer opinions can be a challenge. Community Powered Marketing secures an engine of high-quality UGC and reviews on brand and retailer site – including shoppable features and dynamic emails to enrich the buyer’s journey.

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Reduce Your Reliance on Third-Party Channels and Create a Zero Party Data Engine

Stop relying on ineffective one-way communication channels and purchased data points from social media companies and retail partners. Start building lasting and meaningful direct consumer connections by harnessing owned zero party and first party data that empowers your CPG brand to deliver meaningful engagement. 

Hyper-Personalized Experiences That Drive Retention & New Acquisition

Praised as the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of engagement tools, our platform is loaded with 20+ inspired activities. From product sampling to user-generated content & review campaigns to surveys & polls, special offers, and discussions, an owned brand community will drive meaningful connection, new customer acquisition, and increased retention.

Stripes Community
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Co-Create With Your Passionate Consumers

Stay on top of audience behavior, from tracking consumer sentiment around private label brands to omnichannel expectations to navigating evolving trends like “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store.”  An online community helps you crowdsource new ideas and validate R&D plans to minimize risk and maintain your marketplace strengths. 

Fast & Easy to Launch

Launch a fully customizable owned community in 4 weeks, no coding required.

Dynamic Activation Fueled by Zero Party Data

Deliver tailored activities at scale to drive action and emotional loyalty

Robust Community Engagement

Elevate engagement with 20+ activities including sampling, reviews, UGC, discussions, surveys, and more

Agile Insights Gathering

Keep a pulse on consumer trends, gain market share, and drive brand resilience

Why leading brands choose TINT

Unilever’s Sir Kensington’s Achieves +132% Lift in Net Promoter Score  

Sir Kensington’s created the Taste Buds community to build genuine brand loyalty through an always-on channel that is owned and cultivated by the brand.

Sir Kensington's Community

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We understand that your brand has invested time and effort into establishing a strong presence across various social media platforms. This is logical, given the influence of social media marketing in reinforcing brands. However, there are distinct differences between an owned community and social media followers. Moreover, these two approaches can complement each other to provide added value.


Ultimately, relying on third-party channels for consumer relationships comes with limitations and risks. Changes in algorithms, public relations controversies, inability to attribute community impact, and restricted data access often leave marketers struggling to adapt. An owned community safeguards your brand’s future and provides complete control over consumer relationships.

We believe every brand already possesses a community of consumers. Many of the brands we collaborate with initiate their owned communities from existing one-way channels with limited engagement, such as an email database, a social media following, or a loyalty and rewards program. Your community itself will also evolve into a potent source of growth through referrals and social advocacy. We emphasize that community-building resembles gardening more than carpentry, and our team equips you with all the necessary “gardening tools” to create a flourishing owned community.

We recognize that each team possesses distinct resources, and our platform is designed to be flexible to accommodate your needs. Whether you have a team of community experts seeking a platform to engage with consumers or you’re seeking a fully-managed community team to nurture your owned community, TINT’s platform is engineered to enhance efficiency in your marketing stack. In some instances, we’ve assisted clients in streamlining and eliminating more than four marketing tools. Additionally, 90% of our clients confirm that a minimum of three business functions engage with an owned community.”

Yes! Retail is a critical distribution channel for CPG brands. When you launch a brand community with TINT, you can identify and mobilize your consumers by retail shopping habits and geographic location to deliver retailer-specific campaigns. This could include sharing specific retail promotions, taking “shelfies” in-store to showcase product shelf space, and driving foot traffic for a new product launch. 

TINT helps you create a fully customizable online community destination seamlessly integrated with your brand website. When consumers join, they gain access to a personalized dashboard featuring customized brand activities, fueled by collected profile data and zero party data.

Community members can engage in compelling brand experiences such as user-generated content and review campaigns, sampling, discussion boards, surveys, polls, and more. Each community incorporates gamification with fun badges and points to foster participation and enhance emotional loyalty. Your community engagement can blend ongoing activities with hyper-personalized campaigns to amplify specific brand initiatives and campaigns.

An owned brand community powered by TINT has proven to enhance customer retention, drive new customer acquisitions, and provide significant insights to propel your brand forward.

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